Anjou Technologies Inc. is specialized in Research and Development for used water treatment.  We can boast more than 40 years of experience in urban and rural water treatment.
Thanks to it’s group of professional technicians and diversified inventory, Anjou Technologies Inc. can conceive and assemble systems that fit your needs.

Anjou Technologies Inc is also the exclusive supplier in Canada of Aquadene Plus (corrosion control) and Bio-Purge (bio-film control) products. Moreover to be effective in a multitude of applications, these products offer the best technology available for the treatment of municipal distribution systems.


Les Produits de la Famille Anjou Inc. was formed by Mr Marcel Joly, in 1967, under the trade name of Traitement d’Eau Anjou Inc. A pioneer in recognising the fundamental need for cleaner water in an increasingly unfriendly ecological climate, Mr Joly developed a basic water treatment system that was both affordable and practical for use in private homes, commercial enterprises and agricultural establishments.

At this time, the market for water purification is just beginning to open up and there remains a vast potential.

Whether it is for a potable water treatment, a used water treatment or a distribution system treatment, Anjou Group has the solutions.