The BIO-PURGE program is a new and innovative approach in terms of its ability to prevent the formation of biofilm development and also its ability to penetrate and remove a pre-existing biofilm. To accomplish this, an oxidizing compound will be used in conjunction with the BIO-PURGE products.

The BIO-PURGE products are biodispersant /biopenetrant with surface active properties designed to address your biofilm situation. These products are required not only to exhibit microbiocidal properties, they must also be cabable of penetrating and destroying the biofilms.

There are a variety of mechanisms by which our BIO-PURGE products exert a disruptive action against water systems biofilms. The important properties are as follows:

  • The electrical charge
  • The diffusion rate and the oxidizing compound.
  • The use of sacrificial biodispersants.
  • Shock dosage of oxidizing compound. The oxidizing compound possess no inherent biofilm dispersing properties, however, they kill the exposed bacterial cells.

Contact your Anjou Technologies Inc. representative to arrange for the start-up on your BIO-PURGE treatment program at toll free 1.800.265.7160