Question: Will the water condition be disturbed while using this product?
Answer: Yes. During the first week or two of use, the water conditions can be disturbed due to the scouring and the dissolution of deposits located on the interior walls piping. When the water lines are completely free of old scale deposits, the water will clear up and remain clear as long as the compound is used regularly.

Question: Does this compound eliminate the odours?
Answer: No. But it can delay corrosion and spots due to sulphurized hydrogen, which is the odour origin.

Question: Is this compound dangerous or harmful to peoples health?
Answer: No. All the components used in the compound are approved NSF, 100% pure products food rank, and are completely soluble in water.

Question: Will this compound change the taste of water?
Answer: No. According to recommended concentration, it is tasteless, colourless and odourless.

Question: Does this compound make the water soft?
Answer: No. It is necessary to use an ion exchanger to get soft water qualities. Contact Anjou Technologies Inc. for more information about this service.

Question: Can this compound be used with a water softener system?
Answer: Yes. When introducing the compound continuously into water (upstream of water softener system) this will reduce resin bed clogging and system maintenance and will also improve its effectiveness.